Dating advice for introverted guys

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Dating advice for introverted guys

Because I want extrovert women to find this post, read it, and use it to make their quiet man happier.

But some of my strongest relationships have been with extrovert girls. Struggling to understand your quiet, introverted man? I’ll show you how to build a rock-solid relationship with him… An introvert is a person who loses energy when interacting with other people. Just know that there differences – not all are the same. If you know your man’s specific type, you’ll understand him better. Some introverts are indistinguishable from extroverts in social situations; many are super-charming. Others may take on extroverted jobs to strengthen their social skills. Just make sure to explain with confidence so that you don’t frame it as a flaw — you are who you are, and you should be proud of that. For masculine, intelligent players who want to learn red pill game concepts and improve their love lives. Breaking them all down is beyond the scope of this post. You’ll turn things stagnant, and he’ll end up resenting you for it. He’s kinda like you in this way – you both overly obsess.

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Skip things like birthday parties, baby showers, and happy hours with your co-workers. Only make him go to important things – like weddings, holidays, funerals, graduation, etc. He’ll go to the social functions that really matter to you.

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