Dating a zippo

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Regular Lighter Identification Codes 1958 Patent Pending •••• •••• 1959 • • • • • • • 1960 • • • • • • 1961 • • • • • 1962 • • • • 1963 • • • 1964 • • 1965 • 1966 INI INI 1967 INI III 1968 III III 1969 III II 1970 II 1 1 1971 II 1 1972 1 1 1973 1 1974 //// nn 1975 //// m 1976 III m 1977 III // 1978 II // 1979 1 ii II i 1980 1 i 1981 I 1982 \\ \\ 1983 \\ \\ 1984 \\ \\ 1985 \\ \ 1986 \ \ 1986 G to L II 1987 A to L III 1988 A to L IV 1989 A to L V 1990 A to L VI 1991 A to L VII 1992 A to L VIII 1993 A to L IX 1994 A to L X 1995 A to L XI 1996 A to L XII 1997 A to L XIII 1998 A to L XIV 1999 A to L XV 2000 A to L XVI 2001 A to L 01 2002 A to L 02 2003 A to L o GO 2004 A to L 04 2005 A to L 05 2006 A to L 06 2007 A to L 07 2008 A to L 08 2009 A to L 09 2010 A to L 10 In 1979 an error was made in the date code.

One of the slash marks was removed from the left of the Zippo trademark instead of being removed from the right; thus the code read: / //.

Visit to read more about the mysterious disappearance of the original Zippo Car, md track the current Zippo Car in its travels across the country. The cam Many counterfeit lighters look very much like the real thing. collecting Zippo lighters has increased, so has the FYI: There are many Zippo look alikes!

0 Style, Condition, Age Style can signify the model, identifying it as a pocket lighter - regular or slim - or a table lighter, like the Barcroft or the Lady Bradford. Condition means everything in lighter collecting (with the possible exception of sentiment.) To some collectors, it means that the lighter is as pristine as the day it was made. But here's a rule of thumb: "Mint" generally means that the lighter is in superb condition. This is especially true of lighters depicting the designs and sentiments of the Vietnam War era. As interest in manufacture of counterfeit spring is strong.

We've included a key to the code on the next pages.

Myth - The codes on the bottom indicate the quality of the lighter.

Blaisdell would be amazed to One night in 1933 above a garage in Bradford, Pennsylvania, George G. Booth President and CEO know that today thousands of Zippo lighter collectors all over the world communicate through collectors' clubs, newsletters, e-mail and web pages, and get together at shows, conventions, and the biennial Zippo/Case International Swap Meet.

For more collecting information, consult one of several books about Zippo lighters or visit The classic 1930s Varga Girl look recalled Zippo's first national advertisement in 1937.

1994 - The D-Day Commemorative saluted the 50th anniversary of "the longest day" with a black crackle surface and antique brass emblem patterned after the sleeve patch worn by the Allied troops. 1995 - Mysteries of the Forest™ introduced a new Technigraphics™ imprinting process.

As with most collectibles, the date of manufacture of a Zippo lighter often affects its value.

Valuable information on the bottom of every Zippo lighter can help you determine its date of manufacture.

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Style can also refer to the decorative elements that diagonal cuts or is it 1 /4" taller than the current models, marks of some early Zippo lighters? It opens with that distinctive Zippo lighter "click" and closes with that solid, reassuring "thunk".

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