Dating a recovering alcoholic relationships 289 online dating guide pdf

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Early sobriety is all about learning how to live like a normal person, and I had no clue how to do that, so it’d be unfair to drag someone into that situation with me.

I stayed in California for my first year of sobriety because I knew I couldn’t be a good father to my son, a good friend to my friends or anything else until I worked on myself, so it would be insane for me to think that I could be a good boyfriend to anyone until I grew more as a person.

Something that was made very apparent to me is that us addicts are extremely selfish, self-centered and self seeking.If my addiction showed me anything it was that I suffered from a spiritual malady.I was restless, irritable and discontent in life, so I used drugs and alcohol to cover up these feelings, and I was also doing it in relationships.We had this void within us that we couldn’t explain, so we’d try to fill it with drugs and alcohol.All of my loneliness, insecurities and sadness could be suppressed with my abuse of mind-altering substances, but they eventually stopped working.

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In AA and NA, I learned that drugs and alcohol were only symptoms of my disease.

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  1. My life-long complaint of “so much to do and experience and not nearly enough years to do it” is constantly flashing on the horizon like a beckoning neon sign. The most amazing thing, however, is that the genes I’ve inherited (actually the result of picking the right parents), have kept my health at unrealistically high levels considering the miles and maintenance. And I’m trying to take advantage of those genes before they wake up one morning and decide to make me act my age.