Dating a manic depressive woman

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Dating a manic depressive woman

And I figure all day long men have been after them: trying to touch them, talk to them, ask them out. So I figure the best I can do for them is not to bother them at all. It takes Iris a moment to digest this pure example of negative thinking: I am loved to the extent I do not exist.” (Schrader, p. From the worldly Palantine, he seems to get confirmation of what he believes God wants him to do: effect radical change. Girls need protection.—and: TRAVIS: That fellow “Sport” looks like a killer to me. 98) Travis gives Palantine the benefit of his peculiar wisdom regarding street cleaning, but the “We are the People” candidate doesn’t take him up on it. On the surface he appears good-looking, even handsome; he has a quiet steady look and a disarming smile which flashes from nowhere, lighting up his whole face.102)Travis seeks wisdom from the experienced Wizard, but gets only a trite answer about fitting in: TRAVIS: That’s just about the dumbest thing I ever heard, Wizard. The special insight afforded by an insane mind dominates in the absence of any wisdom. Twenty-five push-ups each morning, one hundred sit-ups, one-hundred knee-bends. Travis can’t keep his thoughts to himself at Palantine’s first rally, alerting the Secret Service Man to his suspicious demeanor: TRAVIS: Is it hard to get to be a Secret Service Man? But behind that smile, around his dark eyes, in his gaunt cheeks, one can see the ominous stains caused by a life of private fear, emptiness and lonliness [sic]. 5-6)Betsy has co-worker Tom twisted around her little finger, toying with his affections; she puts Travis on the spot, inquiring about his view (or lack thereof) of Palantine: “Betsy is interviewing Travis, but she is also teasing him a little, leading him on in a gentle feminine way.” (Schrader, p.

There’s a saying that behind every great man is a great woman, and both of Betsy’s heartthrobs achieve greatness in different ways.Driven by a sense of religious righteousness, he attempts political assassination—but fails. When she takes time out for Rn R with Travis, she soon realizes her mistake and abandons him for Palantine again.Desperate to clean up the city, he succeeds in murdering some pimps and rescues a teen prostitute—but fails at suicide. PERSONNEL OFFICER: Listen, son, you gonna wise crack, you can leave right now. Sucked into the campaign as the fan of Betsy, Travis comes into conflict with the two men in her life, Tom and Palantine.He’s even able to accept Betsy for what she is, “a star-fucker of the highest order,” and no longer has the desire to stalk her. Betsy finds Travis too dangerous and stops seeing him, which launches him in attack mode.But his last desperate glance at her in the rearview mirror begs the question—for how long? 25-26) Travis assures Betsy she’ll be safe going for coffee and pie with him: TRAVIS: It’s just to the corner, mam. Though he’s no match for the Secret Service Men protecting Palantine, Travis is able to carry out his threat on Sport and his cohorts.

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We Are The People—in the audience—and if only we could talk to Betsy about Travis.

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