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You still won't know what the words mean, but you'll know the question is interesting, and you'll want to know the answer.

Then later on, you'll learn what the words mean more precisely, and your sense of how they fit together will make that learning much easier.

The reason for this phenomenon is that mathematics is so rich and infinite that it is impossible to learn it systematically, and if you wait to master one topic before moving on to the next, you'll never get anywhere.

Instead, you'll have tendrils of knowledge extending far from your comfort zone.

Then you can later backfill from these tendrils, and extend your comfort zone; this is much easier to do than learning "forwards". There can be a temptation to learn lots of fancy words and to use them in fancy sentences without being able to say precisely what you mean.

In this department there are a good number of people interested either directly or indirectly in algebro-geometric ideas. I will of course be happy to talk with you no matter whom you are working with.

Mathematics isn't just about answering questions; even more so, it is about questions, and that skill is a difficult one to master.

I like to meet my students every week (except for exceptional weeks, of which there are many).

) is a worthwhile exercise, and can focus the mind.

Here's a phenomenon I was surprised to find: you'll go to talks, and hear various words, whose definitions you're not so sure about.

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General advice (which would apply particularly to my own students) Think actively about the creative process. Older graduate students will verify that there is a high correlation between those students who are doing the broadest and deepest work and those who are regularly attending seminars.

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