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It means that you should increase the amount of time spent together.Statistics show that depressed people are less likely to get better when they are alone.Because depression can severely affect a person's ability to get up in the morning and live their lives, it can make dating — something that literally requires you to function pretty well — a little bit of a challenge to deal with.In honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month, Elite Daily spoke to a couple of experts about how dating can change when you have depression. Especially in the early stages of getting to know someone, you have to be “on” whenever you're around them.People with depression require accurate approach and often disregard any help.Sometimes a girl in depression may refuse to admit she has depression.

It might be to your partner, but the important thing we have to do right now is to help you lift your mood.'Dr.At some point in your life you might be dating a girl with depression.There are certain things you need to know in order to succeed and make your relationship happy.Speaking otherwise, you should bring in a third party – somebody or something besides you two.This should be done in order to bring a new perspective on the problem.

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More than half of all people, according to statistics, experienced depression at least once in their life.