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When you're done examining the treasures, drop down any of the pits to continue your journey through the cavern.By falling through the pits in the floor above, you will land in the chamber at the top of this floor.Just remember that you will have to repeat your steps to return to the pit.

Just as you attacked Fire monsters with Ice spells and weapons, Ice monsters are susceptible to attack by fire.

While it's quite expansive, there are really only three areas of interest: the two treasure rooms at the top and bottom of the floor, and the staircase () that takes you all the way back up to the first floor.

The treasure room at the top contains two useful pieces of armor, but an encounter point will force you to fight White (Frost) Dragons.

You will also encounter Cockatrices in here, so bring plenty of Gold Needles (Soft) in order to keep your party members functioning.

Seek out the Levistone and find your way to the exit before you run out of HP and MP. You can see the other portion of the floor beyond the rocks, but a cave-in has blocked the path off.

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