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She was dragged along the street and sent crashing to the road as the two suspects fled with her four-week-old daughter Eliza still in her car seat.

The little girl was later found abandoned at a health centre nearby (right) and was reunited with an injured Ms O'Neill in hospital.

Police released a picture of the pair today (main image) with Ms O'Neill seen smiling despite a nasty gash above her eye and a bloody mouth.

At the time of the horrific incident, Ms O'Neill was still celebrating the arrival of her child, with 'It's a girl' banners attached to her front door (left).

She insisted her Chequers plan was a 'comprehensive' solution to the Irish border issue.

The clashes come as fears surge that Britain is headed for a 'no deal' Brexit - which would be deeply damaging for both sides.

The team fled to Heathrow where they are believed to have flown to Moscow on an Aeroflot jet on March 5, shunning the usual slower spy route home via an airport in the Mediterranean, Scandinavia or Turkey.

A San Antonio woman has been jailed for 33 years after she and her husband raped their adopted daughter for years and forced her to give birth to three children that they then passed off as their own.

The premier said the UK had joined the EU as one nation and 'must be free as a nation state to make the choice to leave'.Security sources have claimed the hit squad was made up of existing or former GRU agents not known to MI6 who may even have followed Yulia from Moscow to London on March 3.Miss Skripal and her double agent father fell ill in Salisbury on March 4 and the assassins dumped the poison hidden in a perfume bottle in the Wiltshire city's Queen Elizabeth Gardens where ill-fated couple Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley found it four months later.His weight loss comes after Johnny announced his split from his wife Maia Dunphy after seven years of marriage.The mother of hero British caver Vernon Unsworth, who helped save 12 Thai schoolboys trapped in a cave, said billionaire Elon Musk 'should be shot' for calling her son 'pedo guy' as she told of her anger A team of up to four spies including a woman are claimed to have been sent to murder Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia (inset) - two agents to carry and administer the Novichok and two more as back up in case their comrades fell ill or failed.

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