Current recordset does not support updating access Free public adult webcams

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Current recordset does not support updating access

This is the reason, most developers do not use any type of locking, but rather depend on other mechanisms. For example, if you're using Jet 4.0 with Access (very common combo), record-locking (rather than page) is on by default (see and everything will work as you described unless you change it. 1 However, any SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML) queries — that is, queries that add, delete, or modify records — that are run from ADO (when you use the Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider), DAO, or the Access query user interface will use page-level locking.

prosh0t, one more clarification So if I have just one record in the recordset, I will continue to have the lock until I close the recordset. Page-level locking is used for SQL DML statements to improve performance when you are working with many records.

On the After Update event you can place the following code: Private Sub txt Find Customer_After Update() 1 Dim rst AS DAO. You will need a reference to DAO in your project in order to use the code above.

The only way to use them is through code and a DAO or ADODB recordset object. When the form opens and loads the data it will make a round trip to disk, why not take advantage of that trip and read it off the form using a recordset?

A regular recordset makes the round trip but a form recordset reads it off the form.

If you used a regular form recordset then the user would have seen the first record and then any record matching the criteria, if there were no hits they would have ended up at the end of the table.

Instead, the recordsetclone will only move the form’s focus if there is a match, or leave them on their existing record if there is not.

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His passion for Access has led him to helping a wide range of businesses in helping them establish a secure, stable and efficient environment with SQL Server.

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