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Cruise ship crew dating

On board most ships is a spa area reserved for “sea days” -- the time spent traveling to the next port.During the day it’s filled with passengers, but after hours the singers were allowed to sneak in and relax-a-vous.The officers (heads of departments, people involved in steering the ship) ordered freshly made food from a menu.The staff (entertainers, people in the office) were offered steam table grub, which was fairly grim but passable. The lowly engine workers and cleaners, who mainly hailed from the Philippines and India, were given mountains of rice and cuts of meat and fish that included pork knuckles, chicken feet, and fish heads.Unsure of what to do, we helped her to the gang plank and then filed in one by one.When she didn’t appear behind us, we looked out of a porthole only to see her attempting to board the wrong ship.Three of my colleagues in the entertainment department met spouses on the cruise where I worked.

When I worked in 2008 I was making about ,000 a month -- a tidy haul, considering all my expenses were covered.

The summer I turned 23, I auditioned for and ultimately landed a gig as a cruise ship singer on board the Queen Mary 2.

It wasn’t exactly my dream job at the time, but was a sort of rite of passage for recently graduated actors who hadn’t yet found their footing on Broadway or London’s West End.

Payment arrived as an envelope stuffed with 0 bills.

I felt like a drug runner, dashing back to my cabin to secret my stash about the room: a grand in a shoe, another in my toiletry bag. In my experience, the larger the ship, the less motion you feel.

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A word to gents looking to hook up with a cruise staffer: Don’t ask.