Coping with dating a married man 34 dating 19 year old

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Coping with dating a married man

The world seems a great place when he tells you that this affair is a huge risk but he is willing to take it for you.And there, you are weaving dreams of a happily ever after.

It doesn’t matter what state their relationship is in – they have committed themselves to someone else, but are choosing to stray.

If he chooses you, he needs to terminate his existing relationship, process the emotions that will accompany that – and then maybe you’ll consider a relationship with him.

Being in a relationship with a married man is something you can easily get pulled into given the undeniable charm and the maturity he possesses.

He may say that you are the only woman he loves and that he is only married because of the kids.

You too, feel that he is “the one” and justify that what you have is real.

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But there is a time when you need to wake up and the sooner it is, the better you will feel.

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