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Contacted datingbuzz message send site

Follow the link to pick the victim's account and reset the password. - request a password reset using the victim's email. You will get a password reset notification and token in your skype client.We asked the hours of operation for customer service and she immediately answered without reserve.The wait time was horrible, but the agent was rather pleasant.

I would like to point out that there are lots of venues for reporting crimes of this nature; a public forum such as Reddit **is not** one of these venues. **Update: It appears that this has been fixed as of this morning.**Dear netsec, Recently there was a thread in which one of our users posted a link to a .zsh_history file on github that contained filenames and terms commonly associated with child pornography, along with indications that such content had been viewed by that guthub user. A warning will come up that an account with that email already exists, but you can still proceed with filling out the form and account creation. It appears the only way to safeguard yourself for now is to change your main Skype account email to one that's not publicly known.Thank you to those of you who took the proper course of action and reported it this individual's school, the FBI, and the national center for missing and exploited children.Subsequently, another user suggested that reporting the person for the act of viewing child pornography would do more harm than good, which started a heated debate.

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You can access your account by logging in on the front page of the website https://