Consolidating district illinois in school

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“You can rattle off all these school districts that are very, very large.

They all have major challenges that extend well beyond the challenges of Unit 5 and District 87.” The Illinois State Board of Education reports more than 850 school districts in the state, nearly half of them are elementary school districts.

But he says the alternative is making additional cuts in the classroom.

“If we don’t create some efficiencies through this consolidation, what other cuts could we see in Catlin? “You really can’t cut too much more at the high school.

If you'd like tickets to sell, please contact Ms Nichols at the school 815-643-2436.

That led the Jamaica and Catlin school boards explore the possibility of merging into one district.

They formed a Committee of Ten to study the idea --- Brian Lane is one of the committee members.

“Go find (a large district) that’s knocking it out of the park doing well,” Reilly said.

“Look across this state you’ve got Decatur, Springfield, Rockford, Peoria, Chicago.

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By Eric Stock BLOOMINGTON – District 87 Superintendent Barry Reilly said Illinois has too many school districts, but he has no desire to resurrect talks of merging with Unit 5.

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