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Consolidating dispatch centers

At the Monday, February 13, 2017 City Council Meeting, Council voted unanimously in favor of a Motion directing the City Manager to proceed with the consolidation of 911/dispatching services with Dublin's Northwest Regional Emergency Communications Center.

Final preparations to implement this merger have begun.

In December 2016, the City's two safety chiefs sent correspondence to the City Manager sharing their belief that the issue of 911/dispatching is the most important issue facing their respective divisions and that it is critical for a final decision to be made early in 2017.

To that end, this issue came before City Council in January and February, accompanied by an extensive schedule of community outreach and engagement.

It is the specific intent of the Legislature that workers’ compensation cases shall be decided on their merits. Carriers shall pay, disallow, or deny payment to health care providers in the manner and at times set forth in this chapter.

The workers’ compensation system in Florida is based on a mutual renunciation of common-law rights and defenses by employers and employees alike. A health care provider may not collect or receive a fee from an injured employee within this state, except as otherwise provided by this chapter.

When calls are received, Norcomm then dispatches first responders to the emergency and provides ongoing logistical support to responding personnel.

Alarms can also be received via direct tie lines from police or other public safety agencies.The current Norcomm 9-1-1 Center was constructed in 2005 in concert with the Leyden Fire Protection District at its new fire station.The dispatch center is located completely below ground, protected at all times from outside access by an elaborate series of physical barriers and security systems. Norcomm provides state-of-the-art equipment and facilities designed to receive emergency 9-1-1 calls.In addition, it is the intent of the Legislature that the facts in a workers’ compensation case are not to be interpreted liberally in favor of either the rights of the injured worker or the rights of the employer. Such providers have recourse against the employer or carrier for payment for services rendered in accordance with this chapter. Additionally, the Legislature hereby declares that disputes concerning the facts in workers’ compensation cases are not to be given a broad liberal construction in favor of the employee on the one hand or of the employer on the other hand, and the laws pertaining to workers’ compensation are to be construed in accordance with the basic principles of statutory construction and not liberally in favor of either employee or employer. Payment to health care providers or physicians shall be subject to the medical fee schedule and applicable practice parameters and protocols, regardless of whether the health care provider or claimant is asserting that the payment should be made.

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It is the intent of the Legislature to ensure the prompt delivery of benefits to the injured worker. Fees charged for remedial treatment, care, and attendance, except for independent medical examinations and consensus independent medical examinations, may not exceed the applicable fee schedules adopted under this chapter and department rule.