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By monitoring the same transmitter signal as received from two different locations simultaneously, Beverage and Peterson noted that each station received the signal with different fading characteristics.

More tests showed that different fading occurred with as little as three hundred feet of separation of the receiving antennas.

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In the early 1920s, two engineers working for RCA, Harold H. The event that fomented Beverage and Peterson's interest happened when the two were monitoring signal reception from two points simultaneously.

They were utilizing a telephone line to monitor Peterson's receiver at his home and were comparing that to the received signals from the RCA station site, located about one-half mile away.

The process of detection eliminated the RF out of phase nature of the signals since now the signal information was at an audio frequency.

Each second detector output would be tied together with a common load, operating an AVC system that interconnected all the receivers, resulting in a single audio signal the amplitude of which was the result of the strongest received signal at any one time.

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The solution was to either send modulated CW from the transmitting station, which wasn't always practical, or the second detector outputs could be used (without a BFO) to operate an external device called a Tone Keyer.

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