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Suddenly, things parents formerly promised to pay for—college, weddings, a down payment on a first home—might no longer be possible.

In the meantime, school or work performance might suffer and they could develop depression, all the while telling themselves they’re overreacting and that there’s no need to reach out for professional help.“A lot of parents who are in my office seeking a later-in-life divorce haven’t really done a lot of thinking about how it’s going to impact their kids,” says Janice Green, a family law attorney based in Austin and author of “Divorce After 50.” “But adult kids have longer-established family rituals and home memories than the younger ones, so in some sense the divorce can cause more of an impact.” This includes the intangible impacts of no longer sharing family holidays, for example, or of having to meet mom or dad’s new significant other.Moreover, when life events like graduations or weddings come up, focus can shift away from celebrating those landmarks and instead to the awkward logistics of keeping warring parents apart.Experts refer to this relatively new phenomenon as grey divorce—separations that occur between those 50 years or older.Sociologists are just beginning to catch on to this trend, sparked by a 2012 study that found that the number of grey divorces has doubled since 1990.

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Adult children also feel the economic strain of grey divorces.

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