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I would want to just hole up in my room for the rest of the weekend, talking to him.”So when does this affinity for the familiar start to change?

In the first few months of college, there are those long, lonely freshman nights – times when you wonder whether you’ve actually made any real friends.

She didn’t go out because her high-school boyfriend didn’t want her to.

The first time she drank alcohol, he “fell apart.” When she signed up to join a sorority, he started a screaming match.

“But with long distance, there’s the implication that you’re in it for the long haul.

The bridge of Asher Roth’s legendary rap anthem, “I Love College,” offers freshmen just one piece of advice: “Do something crazy!

” In college, you’re supposed to make mistakes because those mistakes become cool stories – the kind that build character and street cred.

A lot of women told me they felt guilty about having a high-school boyfriend because it just wasn’t what you were “supposed” to do as a freshman.

When I asked them exactly what they were supposed to be doing instead, no one had a concrete answer.

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” so many times that my face starts to hurt), or do I fall back on the familiar?