Carbon dating dead sea scrolls

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The first trove found by the Bedouins in the Judean Desert consisted of seven large scrolls from Cave I.

The unusual circumstances of the find, on the eve of Israel's war of independence, obstructed the initial negotiations for the purchase of all the scrolls.

The Temple Scroll was acquired by Yigael Yadin in 1967 and is now housed alongside the first seven scrolls in the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

All the remaining manuscripts, sizable texts as well as minute fragments, are stored in the Rockefeller Museum building in Jerusalem, the premises of the Israel Antiquities Authority Père de Vaux gradually realized the need to identify a habitation site close to the caves.

Since 1947 the site of these discoveries-the Qumran region (the desert plain and the adjoining mountainous ridge) and the Qumran site have been subjected to countless probes; not a stone has remained unturned in the desert, not an aperture unprobed.

The Qumran settlement has been exhaustively excavated.

The years between 19 were marked by accelerated activity in both the search for caves and the archeological excavation of sites related to tile manuscripts.

Exploration of the cave, which lay one kilometer north of Wadi Qumran, yielded at least seventy fragments, including bits of the original seven scrolls.The northern Dead Sea area, the location of Qumran, became and remained part of Jordan until 1967.The search for scroll material rested in the hands of the Bedouins, who ravaged the Cave I site, no doubt losing precious material in the process.Excavations conducted in 19 at the neighboring site of ' En Feshkha proved it to be the agricultural adjunct of Qumran.The final report on the Qumran settlement excavations is pending, but the results arc known through preliminary publications.

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Following the initial excavations, de Vaux suggested that this site was the wilderness retreat established by the Essene sect, which was alluded to by ancient historians.

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