Can 12 week dating scan wrong

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“If the scan reveals either a suspected or confirmed abnormality, the woman should be informed by the sonographer at the time of the scan.It is essential that all practitioners performing fetal anomaly ultrasound screening should be trained to communicate abnormal findings to women, as such information is likely to have significant emotional impact.Even with what your previous post said when you went for a scan at 5 wks plus 2 thats still only goes back to first of feb ? So your scan of 5 wks was about 3 wks ago is that right?and she said the sac was about 4 wks old so if you count back thats beginning of feb?i dont know i just cant shake this feeling i feel so so so low.

when i have told people i am pregnant everyones first reaction is "ohmygod is it his"...which i would love to get angry and say how you dare you ofcourse it is.then obviously i remember the mistake i made.She said, 'She's not an idiot, she understands probably more about the condition than you do'.And she said, 'We've been through a lot together as a family', she said, 'and I'm coming in the room with you'. And mum said, 'I don't care, I'm coming in, and if you don't like it then that's tough luck'. If you’ve got a problem with that then get someone senior, more senior than yourself”.Usually, sonographers will ask a senior sonographer colleague to confirm findings and this should be done immediately.If an abnormality is confirmed or suspected, referral is usually required, although some obvious major fetal abnormalities, such as anencephaly, may not require a second opinion (this should be decided by local guidelines).

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So my question is, can scans be as much as 4 weeks out?? xx when i went for th scan at 5 plus 2 there was only a gestational sac, i went again a week and half later(they told me too because they couldnt rule out ectopic for some reason) there was a blob and a heart beat.said the baby was probably conceived around 4 weeks ago, but going of my LMP i would be futher along.

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