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An XML document can be validated against a DTD (the set of rules that define the type and structure of the XML tags) or an XML schema.

This chapter looks at C#'s API for DOM and SAX parsing of XML documents.

The DOM parser parses the XML into an in-memory tree data structure (also known as a DOM tree).

The Document Object Model is an API for valid HTML and well-formed XML documents.

Much of this has traditionally been seen as data rather than as documents.

We also look at other utilities, such as XPath and Extensible Stylesheet Transformation (XSLT), that are built into the . For a long time, XML was not built into the Java API.Support for XML was primarily through third-party libraries (such as Apache Xerces or JDOM).Fortunately, that has changed, and now you can get the Java XML Pack, a toolset for dealing with everything XML in Java.A content handler is like an event listener and can take appropriate action upon encountering, say, a particular XML tag.The SAX parser is based on a push model, wherein the parser pushes events to content handlers.

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If you pass Memory Stream to Xml Reader it does not validate proper xml files sometimes.

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