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Boards ie online dating thread

More importantly, why is so much of what’s being suggested for the Irish act apparently at odds with the EU regulation it is supposed to give effect to?Those eye-watering fines mentioned above for example?Reaction Any prospective legislation is necessarily dense and doesn’t make for light reading – nevertheless Irish data protection experts have been universal in their condemnation of the bill as it stands.

“In a nutshell, this legislation will introduce stronger rules on data protection,” the minister said by way of introduction.Most Irish data protection experts consistently cited its compatibility issues regarding GDPR at that stage, with the Data Protection Commissioner herself Helen Dixon suggesting a lack of comfort with the idea of state bodies being rendered exempt from those hefty GDPR fines within Irish law.Nevertheless, that proviso is still contained in the proposed document.No financial consequences is a recipe for disaster,” she said.Meanwhile, perhaps most damningly, leading Irish law firm Mc Cann Fitzgerald (like most large corporate entities, a company not overly accustomed to delivering stinging rebukes in public) summarised the newly-published bill with the phrase “further work to be done”: Considering that the application dates of the GDPR and the Law Enforcement Data Protection Directive are less than four months away and that the draft bill is overdue, many organisations will be disappointed that what has been published is not closer to a version that could be data protection has been dealt with on an EU-wide level in generations remember.

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If the government has its way it won’t be paying them – it wants to make itself exempt from any penalties for breaching GDPR.