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Bnei baruch dating site

She was so happy to have been able to do the mitzvah properly.She was even careful that none of her five machzorim (holiday prayer books), which were all kept in a single case, should ever come to the table. So that there should never be any possibility that chametz would get on her Passover machzor.She always had care, precision, and maturity beyond her years. A week ago, Ruchama Rivka went into intensive care. She had a terrible infection in her lungs and throat, making it very difficult for her to speak.She told us how badly she felt that she wasn't able to get us an anniversary present.The Sages tell us: "Everything that God created is for the sake of raising awareness of God." That's our purpose in life – to understand how this world reflects the Almighty's greatness and to know what life is really all about.Ruchama Rivka had a very difficult path in life, but she fulfilled her task.

Ruchama Rivka, just before your bat mitzvah, while you were still recovering from your first bone marrow transplant, we spent some time learning together. We discussed how the Almighty has no limit to His power, and that He loves us more than we could ever imagine.

Yet it was still such a shock when she left us; she had merited so many different miracles until that point, that I was sure that she would always get another one.

After all, there were so many people who cared about her, so many people who were praying for her.

She became part of so many different people's lives – hundreds, maybe thousands – most who never knew her.

She elevated and inspired them to greater God-consciousness.

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