Bisexsuel sex

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Bisexsuel sex

Some of the films below may not fall under the label ‘bisexual’ in the conventional sense. Is a supernatural entity that sleeps with an entire household able to be allocated a sexuality?Perhaps ‘great films in which sexuality is fluid’ is a more accurate description.

There are exceptions – Angelina Jolie’s career was launched through her charismatic performance as a tragic model in Gia (1998), a superior TV movie.Alas, York was ignored by many contemporary reviews.Interestingly, the film hold the record for most Oscars (eight) without winning best picture (it lost to The Godfather).A repressed wealthy family has their world shaken up by a visitation from a beautiful stranger.Following passionate exchanges with all of them, they are devastated when he suddenly leaves the narrative halfway through the film, changing their behaviour in dramatic ways – one becomes a nymphomaniac, one becomes a saint, while the shy son becomes an abstract artist.

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The film is non-judgmental about its characters, and just four years after gay male relationships were partially legalised in the UK, its positive portrayal of a happy homosexual man was groundbreaking.

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