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During the devaluation phase, the malignant narcissist begins to be rewarded almost exclusively by the punishment of other women the psychopath hooks up with, uses, devalues and abuses.

She may no longer be as wonderful as she seemed in his eyes in the beginning.

The problem is, as we know, that psychopaths inevitably pass from the idealization phase to a devaluation phase in all of their relationships.

This is part and parcel of their personality disorder: to become bored with and emotionally detach from every person they are with.

However, there’s this reward left in their “special” and “superior” relationship: by staying with her; by needing her as an alibi and cover for him; by harming other women jointly, she proves her (sick) love and loyalty to him while he, in turn, acknowledges her superiority to all the other women he uses and abuses worse than he does her.

The worse other women are treated by the psychopath–in more commonplace cases, used and disposed of like dirty condoms; in extreme cases, raped and murdered–the more this abuse confirms her special status in his eyes.

At the time they kidnapped Jaycee, Garrido had already been convicted of a sex crime.

Despite the fact that parole officers checked regularly the house, they didn’t bother to look in the couple’s backyard, behind a fence.

She is a partner in her husband’s crime; a fellow abuser.

The couple pled guilty to kidnapping and other charges on April 28, 2011 and were convicted on June 2, 2011.

Phillip Garrido was sentenced to 431 years of imprisonment while Nancy received a lesser sentence of 36 years to life.

They were convicted in 1993 and are perhaps the inspiration behind Oliver Stone‘s controversial movie, Natural Born Killers (1994).

Usually, however, two psychopaths together can’t last long.

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Sometimes it’s female psychopaths who partner in crime sprees with their male counterparts.

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