Benefits to dating european men

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Benefits to dating european men

I sometimes get the feeling that focusing on teaching girls how capable they are at working into reality whatever their dreams happen to be has also placed on them a burden into their young adulthood.

The cultural difference could be boiled down to this: my girlfriend is thankful for what she has, not frustrated she doesn’t have everything.

As a girl who’s grown up her whole life speaking English, being with a boy who’s only been speaking English for a few short years of his life is a recipe for miscommunication.

At times it can be hard to get my point across, because he doesn’t know the meaning of certain words.

I knew it right away, after our first date, heading back to my apartment on the Metro line eight, this girl was different, awesomely different.

We talked for hours as we wandered at dusk from the bars on Ile St.

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The accents are certainly sexy, but like any relationship, it’s one of the aspects that may tend to fizzle out after the honeymoon stage.

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