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Here's hoping that she's going to make us both rich and powerful as well ... :)The valley, specifically Palo Alto is not that bad at all. It's a college town, and Stanford girls are quite good looking. Sadly, facebook employees often overtake a lot of the old pro.

A few days ago one of the top links was about how to survive on /month for food. Sorry, but woman and marathon, multi-day coding sessions filled with noodles, beans, rice, oats and pb&j just don't mix.If you go to a yoga/pilates/yogalates class, or a Harry Potter fan convention, it will be practically all women.And even big tech companies have pretty even gender ratios, at least out of my sample size of one.Apparently the Internet would have us believe that all such arguments are a priori certain to be false.Er, no, it's pointing out a selection bias which means that anyone inclined to take the existence of this person writing about "why there are no girls in SF" (plus, I guess, the apparent shortage of people writing about what a great place SF is for heterosexual men to find partners) as evidence that SF is (functionally) very short of women -- which, let's face it, lots of people would -- should think twice before doing so. ajg is not trying to deny the main proposition, i.e., that there's a shortage of women.

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Then again again, I haven't exactly been looking very hard.

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