Backdating auto insurance

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Backdating auto insurance

However, there are some permissible exceptions, including the backdating of certain insurance contracts or insurance claims.

When an insurer approves a backdated policy, they are then obligated to honor claims for losses that occurred after the backdated period, even if the policy was only signed after the insured event took place.

However, the claimant normally needs to demonstrate good reasons for waiting to file a claim or for not being insured before the loss.

A policy could, for example, be backdated if something prevented the completion of the contract at an earlier date.

I don't know if it's ''true'' meaning if some idiot has/would do this..."THINK ABOUT HOW MANY PEOPLE DIE EVERY YEAR IN ACCIDENTS! " That might be true, but 1.)I know people who have died in car accidents because they got their head ripped off or their organs crushed by seatbelts.I was in a SERIOUS accident and if I had been wearing my seatbelt I would have at the very LEAST been paralized, because the car flipped and the roof crushed the seat that I would have been strapped to.The seatbelt law basically was created because most traffic accidents are MINOR accidents, parking lot mishaps, and what not. First, you don't get josseled around and get minor injuries.But mostly, It protects insurance companies for having to pay for these injuries- EVEN THOUGH YOU PAY INSANE AMOUNTS EVERY YEAR FOR THAT PROTECTION.

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If the insurance contract is only signed and completed after some delay on the insurer's part in processing it (such as misplacing the paperwork after agreeing to the terms of the contract), the insurer may backdate the policy as a way of rectifying this.

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