Astrology scorpio dating scorpio

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Astrology scorpio dating scorpio

You can also reprise the past — e.g., pick up a former promising venture, or contact a former boss for a job, reprise a past career role, etc. If a purchase you could not make before, now becomes available, it might be a good buy. morn, when money and love fantasies don’t mix well. A former teacher, lover or travel itinerary might return.

(This might have a sexual hope attached, but not a strong one.) Friction still exists on the home front, but will ease, even disappear temporarily, by Aug. (Love might strike you powerfully and enchantingly Mon. You’ll be mellow, understanding, and your view, always wide, will widen more.

morn — but partnership levels of love face some disruption, some re-figuring, to Wed.) Tuesday mid-afternoon through Thurs. Friday could bring a destined friend, lover or social group entry. Your energy and charisma surge upward mid-morning Sunday to mid-afternoon Tues.

accents errands, easy chores, communications and short trips — all flows well, except for that relationship re-figuring mentioned earlier. Sidestep a confrontation Thurs., perhaps a tug-o-war between family and career, or just something on the street. — but use this to give ongoing projects a push, rather than starting anything.

This November into 2019, such matters will be high on your agenda: weddings, love, profound thoughts, feelings and decisions. This amorous trend might hold a surprise: an old flame, or former friend who’s a potential lover, could re-appear this week through August 18. will likely face upheavals and a final “no.” So enjoy early week excitement, but decide who to chase Fri./Sat., not before. Only danger: stress.) This mid-week interval can bring love, or more likely, bring reassurance you’re loved.

And Mercury’s retrograde ends with Moon in Sagittarius. I put it there because some reading clients want to pay that way.

Sagittarius is Leo’s romance sign, so much of this retro period will concern art, love, passion, creativity and “gambles.” NOTE: Whenever I say “relationships” I also mean relocation, partnerships, dealings with the public, negotiations, litigation, possible enemies, fresh horizons and opportunities — and to some degree, your whole environment. I don’t love Pay Pal, as they take a 20% larger “cut” than credit cards.

(And how else would you meet that ex-lover who wants more? (PDT) brings errands, trips, visits, calls and communications. morning brings problems, perhaps with work or health (digestion? One, strongest Tues./Wed., causes disruptions in relationships, romance, sex, finances — yet also starts a “new world” in these. This is very much a “stitch in time saves nine” period. Delays, false starts and indecision will prevail, especially in legal, travel, media, cultural and intellectual zones — which are also your major interests until late August.

The other influence, strongest Thurs., promotes love and hate — mostly love in your case, since it involves romance, friends and hopes. Anticipate problems and solve them before they appear. (PDT) favours money — chase it, pay old bills and collect old debts. Higher-ups continue to favour you until early August.

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