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A chilling new book about Hitler's Lebensborn programme - the sinister project to create the perfect Aryan race to rule the world for 1,000 years - shows the Nazis kidnapped thousands of children from occupied countries to fill the demand for future manpower.Lebensborn, or Fount of Life, was hitherto thought to be just a breeding programme where S. "studs" mated with suitable female specimens in Nazi nursing homes."Lebensborn was anything but a mechanism for simply promoting the procreation of healthy, vigorous Aryan warriors," said Koop."It was a criminal organisation and served primarily the racial-political illusion concepts of Hitler and Himmler." Heinrich Himmler, lord of the S. German birthrates were stagnating as opposed to those in the Soviet Union, the sworn enemy of the fledgling National Socialist state.He also ordered that those "bad" children among them should be sent to a concentration camp.

Endangered Historic Temple in India Saved from Slow Destruction A magnificent historic temple among the ancient ruins of Hampi, India, receives a much-needed restoration.

Koop uncovered documents in the federal archives in Germany which show that Himmler wanted to halt what he termed an "abortion epidemic" in Germany - 600,000 a year - and create homes where pregnant women could deliver their child and their leave it behind for the state to care for.

Koop says the myth was that Lebensborn merely concentrated on S. men siring children with good Germanic maidens when "in reality it was a gigantic kidnap machine too".

As a PDF: Science of the Sacred PDFThe Indus Valley Civilization was scientifically developed.

It has generated a quest to know their source of scientific development.

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The study also resolves a long-standing debate over the source and fate of the Sarasvati, the sacred river of Hindu mythology.

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