Aquarius male dating tips kirsten stewart who is she dating

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If you want a mate who fully accepts you for who you are, then dating an Aquarius is usually the move. If you’re one for laid back, quiet evenings at home most times, then an Aquarius is typically not for you.Not traditionally known for their conservatism and stability, the Aquarius man or woman is always down for a good time.The way the Aquarian expresses his emotions will be signified more by his Moon sign, and his attitude and approach to relationships will be signified more by his Venus sign.But if you’re interested in an Aquarian man, and are wondering how interested he might be in you, there are a couple of thoughts I’d like to share.Once he understands that you’re wondering about whether your relationship can be deeper or more committed, he might very well say, “Gee, I hadn’t thought about that—but it sounds great!

Here are five ways to snag and keep your Aquarius crush. Second only to Sagittarius, Aquariuses love people who are sure of themselves.

They love to laugh and have fun, but pay attention to the moments when they get quiet.

They are most likely in deep thought about their dreams, hopes and ambitions.

They value independence and that often means going against the grain.

If you are at a black tie affair, chances are that one guy in the corner with the Chuck Taylor shoes and orange blazer on is an Aquarius. The Aquarian appears to be very free and lighthearted, but underneath his or her airy, jovial exterior is a lot of depth and intensity.

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Building a long-term relationship with an Aquarius is a kind of challenge.