Aol mail not updating on droid

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Aol mail not updating on droid

At the time, we noted that the merger, coupled with the passage of a bill allowing ISPs to share browsing data was something that the companies had worked towards for years: the ability to extract revenue from consumers with their personal data.That prediction appears to be coming true: Oath confirmed to that it rolled out a unified privacy policy to its AOL and Yahoo brands.I have outgoing messages stuck in my outbox and hitting "resend" doesn't make them go through.The only option I see that I have is to delete the messages and start all over, which is not desirable. The updated policy (spotted by Jason Kint) states that the company “analyzes and stores all communications content, including email content from incoming and outgoing mail,” which will allow it to “deliver, personalize and develop relevant features, content, advertising and Services.” The policy also states that the company can “analyze your content and other information (including emails, instant messages, posts photos, attachments, and other communications),” and it singles out messaging from financial institutions, saying that it “may analyze user content around certain interactions with financial institutions.” Oath says that its automated systems will strip out “information that on its own could reasonably identify the recipient.” It might also collect Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) data from images that you upload, and utilize image recognition to “identify and tag scenes, color, best crop coordinates, text, actions, objects, or public figures.” notes that while Yahoo’s prior privacy terms included a terms, AOL’s did not.

I have a new THL 5000 phone and had been using Net10 for a few years but got frustrated and decided to try Straight Talk ... Anyway I ported my number over upon activating the phone yesterday, and it worked instantly. Anywya you can turn data off by putting the phone on airplane mode, grab a new IP address and try again?

The update further reinforces what the Yahoo-Verizon merger was designed to do: provide an effective and direct line from consumers to advertisers.

Considering the uproar that Facebook has generated following the revelations that data companies have acquired and utilized user data illicitly, these changes aren’t an unreasonable concern for users.

So Far So Great to be honest, EXCEPT a few minor things- one real pain is that my AOL email account will not work via the cellular data connection - if says it cannot sign it in a notification alert, and if I go to the actual email app it says Incorrect username or password (i have made absolutely sure that it's correct! but if I fire up the Wi Fi it works instantly and works fine until I shut off the Wi Fi or leave the house /etc. It could also be straight talk is doing some kind of proxy, blocking AOL mail That's a strange one. SSLProtocol Exception: SSL handshake aborted: ssl=0x63969ba0: Failrue in SSL Library, usually a protocol error error:140770FC: SSL routines: SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol (external/openssl/s23_clnt.c:7660x5edb96fd:0x00000000)) ^ that means absolutely nothing but gibberish to me, this is beyond my capabilities lol.

I tried completely deleting the account and setting it up again, same result. Anywya you can turn data off by putting the phone on airplane mode, grab a new IP address and try again? Try ssl port 465 or tls port 587 In your mail setting when I try to use different IMAP ports, it doesn't let me, it gives me errors - for example, when i use 587 in the smtp. Some email servers will not accept connections from certain IP addresses due to spam filters.

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so I somehow accidentially resolved itself- I accidentially pushed the button where you selected one of four choices in a dropdown menu: 1- SSL/TLS 2- SSL/TLS (Accept all Certificates) 3- STARTTLS or 4- STARTTLS (Accept All Certificates) ...

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