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Many family names appear to be spelled incorrectlyon some forms. Items concerning infants not named, stillborn children and unidentified bodies are also listed in the back of this book as unnamed. 2/18/1903 Allen, Richard 7/28/1903 Austin, Mathew S. 5/10/1886 (Balles on back of cemetery form) Booz, Richard W.

It is quite possible that some names have been mistakenly identified and a few dates incorrectly deciphered. 4/26/1898 Anderson, Nettie 7/10/1898 Aurandale, Susan 12/20/1898 (Arundale on burial list) Allman, Fred 12/21/1898 (Frederick Hillman on burial list) Aurandale, Joshua 3/3/1900 (Arundale on burial list) Anthiel, Frederick 3/10/1900 (Fredrick on burial list) Ashmore, Francis D. 1/19/1904 Argust, Charlotte 8/19/1904 Austin, Susanna B.

12/22/1880 (Claflin on back of permit & on cemetery form) Clugston, Charles F. 1/29/1881 Claflin, Elizabeth 2/24/1881 Cooper Stillborn child of Fred and Ella Cooper 3/24/1881 Conover, John A. 4/26/1881 Crosley, Susan 5/9/1881 Disinterment Combs, Joseph A. 12/20/1882 Died 12/20 Cristolph, Theodore 1/17/1883 Cloward, Aaron 1/29/1883 Cunningham, Richard 3/13/1883 Casseday, Thomas Stillborn child of Cassidy on cemetery form 5/5/1883 Curns, Eliza 5/19/1883 Cunningham, Xenia 6/4/1883 Conard, Emma Child of 9/8/1883 Conard, Emma 9/8/1883 Cullis, William 10/14/1883 Cogill, Edward B.

7/12/1894 Caldwell, Robert Leroy 2/11/1895 Collins, Anna W. 4/21/1895 Conklin, Gardner 10/4/1895 Covert, Mary 11/6/1895 Crozier, Thomas 1/11/1896 Carson, Mary 5/11/1896 Confer, Peter 5/18/1896 Conover, Lizzie 6/27/1896 Clothier, Geo. 1/25/1902 Chambers, Marion 8/6/1902 Conrad, Robert M. 4/14/1904 Closson, Earl 7/26/1904 Cook, Ellen 8/22/1904 Cash, Marion 1/24/1905 Cook, Ann E. 3/23/1907 Colleman, Rutherford 4/12/1907 (Coleman on burial list) Consolly, Mary 4/28/1907 Crozer, Anna M. 9/12/1908 (Levenia on burial list) Carson, Bessie 9/21/1908 Cubberly, Charles G. 2/9/1909 Colligan, Hellen Hopper 11/3/1909 Name on death certificate and undertakers certificate.

11/22/1896 Craft, Irving 3/11/1897 Clossen, Fannie L. Waltbourg 3/30/1897 (Wallburg on burial list) Caswell 1hr. 5/12/1897 (Cassedy burial list) Creed, Achsha 8/3/1897 Carl, Raymond 11/26/1897 Cunningham, Mary 12/27/1897 Carnall, Arthur 1/12/1898 Cole, Joseph 8/15/1898 Cosgrove, Francis 9/1/1898 Cogill, Delia Field 10/4/1898 Cohocry, Abbie 12/6/1898 Clark, Preston 12/20/1898 Creed, Oliver 5/28/1899 Cotton, Phoebe A. 7/30/1900 Campbell, Mary Ann 9/14/1900 Cadwalader, Bethlina S. 10/7/1901 (Craft in burial list) Cadwalader, William B. 1/25/1904 Cummings, Elisha 3/22/1904 Cook, William H.

Infant child of 9/20/1915 Conover, William 10/22/1915 Crozer, Malcolm 3/17/1917 Cubberly, Baby Male 10/23/1917 Cubberley, Margaret E. Daymonds lot and moved to Greenwood Cemetery 9/20/1883 Dean, Mrs.

4/4/1887 Dean, Joseph 4/26/1887 Doremus, Edith Clark 11/25/1887 Davison, John G.

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First names have been recorded as they appeared on the permits even though the is not the accepted form today. 4/28/1888 Bigelow, Baby 4/30/1888 Brock, George Welford 7/2/1888 Barrow, Elizabeth 11/24/1888 Bellis, R.

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