Andy roddick is dating maria sharapova dating asian girls in france

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Andy roddick is dating maria sharapova

They were a beautiful couple but something went wrong in their relationship.Young professional athletes usually have no problem finding rabid fans, big-dollar endorsement deals and nightly appearances on Sports Center.During the previous ten years Maria had five serious relationships.In 2005 Maria met Andy Roddick, who was her colleague, an American tennis player.Because of the fact that Maria Sharapova has started her career at the age of sixteen it seems to be that she plays for such a long time and soon she will leave this sport.But she is only 27 and year by year this woman becomes more beautiful and her play becomes more confident. The admirers of her talent constantly discuss the rumours concerning her personal life and paparazzi try to make a picture of Maria together with a new boyfriend.

In 2010 Sasha announced about their engagement and the rumours began to ooze out about their wedding in Stamboul. In the interview for Daily Mail Sharapova confessed that they spent great time together but because of their career they were made to live in different countries and it was very difficult for the couple to keep long distance relationship.

But finding love in a tight schedule filled with high-pressure competitions, big games and worldwide travel can be much more difficult.

Just in case some of these pro athletes are surfing on Kidzworld, we've put together a list of sports stars who make the perfect match.

They even lived together for a certain period of time.

But later the tennis player filed a claim with the court.

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The only thing that seems to be holding back these two potential lovebirds is a serious height difference.