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And active ecuadorina dating sites


On the Morphology of the Shell in the Woodpeckers (Picidse) and Wrynecks (Yungidse), By Prof.

The prootics tilt themselves back to such a degree that the great anterior semicircular canal is thrown, at its junction vrith the posterior canal, into the fore edge of the super- occipital (figs. If this figure (2) be compared with the rest, it vrill be seen how neat is the carpentry by which the great ethmo -trabecular plate rests in the grooved upper surface of the parasphenoidal rostrum {pas). The feeble maxillary (mx) is left in situ, and its maxillo-palatine plate (mxp) is seen rising obliquely and leaf-like, on each side of the cranio-facial notch ; inside of it is the forked and notched double vomer (v) ; the rest of the face has been removed. Os quadratum and stapes of adult Jackdaw {Corvus monedula).

They are scooped laterally for the brain, and have a lunate notch in front, which by a similar notch in the alisphenoid (als) becomes the foramen ovale (5). In front of the former plate there is a large open gap before we reach the short, solid, hooked end of the premaxillary (pa;).

The frontals are sinuously applied, behind, to the fore margin of the parietals {f,p) ; this harmony -suture is the " coronal " of human anatomy. The rest of that bone and the two pau-s- of jugals {j, qj) are very slender spicules of bone. They become carinate below, and the carina is, in the young bird (fig. These afterwards are joined by fresh bone into one keel, which forks where the bone forks to form the crura that unite with the under surface of that part of the palatine which was the distinct meso- pterygoid bone. 7, d, ar) has still a suture where the anterior and posterior parts unite ; there is also an oval fenestra in front of the hinge. The bone is light and thin, but rather dense; scarcely a trace of suture is to be seen— for instance, only above the cranio-facial hinge.

But little difference would be found between this bird in its development and the AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE BIRD'S SKULL. This latter bone sends osseous matter into more than the front half of the urohyal. The upper and more slender pieces are half soft below and at the upper ends. The outer edge of the two-keeled hinder part of the palatine has no more outgrowth as a proper transpalatine portion than the Plovers. In old birds the two long ceratohyals are only soft at their apex or ventral extremity ; they ossify to a great extent, ankylose in the fore part, then are somewhat bowed out apart, and then come close together in front of the basihyal. 11 & 12), but with this diiference, namely, that the bony territories are not hedged in with cartilaginous balks, but have their margins edge to edge. Inner view of auditory structure and mandible in a fledgling Carrion-Crow [Corvus corone). There it stands as a fixture ; but this plate, the great meso-ethmoid, is almost sawn through from below in front of the rostrum, and its under beam is the light and loosely braced vomer. Behind, we see what has been already described in the second stage (compare figs.

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The original suture between the two superoccipitals is still visible above; but the " lateral occipital fontanelles " are nearly filled in by bone on each side the narrow waist of the median part of the keystone. A little older than the last, the young of this stage yielded me the perfect longitu- dinally vertical section (Plate XXVI. 12) now to be described : it runs close after and further illustrates the third stage.

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