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American dating culture

Short presentations on a topic of interest with appropriate pictures or slides add to this mental image.

Start students off by making them aware of the influence of various foreign cultures in this country.

the way they do because they are using options society allows for satisfying basic physical and psychological needs, and that cultural patterns are interrelated and tend mutually to support need satisfaction. Then, the objectives that are to be achieved in cross-cultural understanding involve Processes rather than Facts.

1) React appropriately in a social situation 2) Describe a pattern in the culture 3) Recognize a pattern when it is illustrated 4) Explain a pattern 5) Predict how a pattern is likely to apply in a given situation 6) Describe or manifest an attitude important for making oneself acceptable in the foreign society 7) Evaluate the form of a statement concerning a culture pattern 8) Describe/demonstrate defensible methods of analyzing a socio-cultural whole 9) Identify basic human purposes that make significant the understanding that is being taught Various versions of these steps have been made, with more or less the same goals and expectations for students. A "facts only" approach to culture for which the only goal is to amass bits of information is ineffective.

6)Learning a language in isolation of its cultural roots prevents one from becoming socialized into its contextual use.

Knowledge of linguistic structure alone does not carry with it any special insight into the political, social, religious, or economic system.

Or even insight into when you should talk and when you should not. "A language is part of a culture and culture is part of language; the two are intricately interwoven so that one cannot separate the two without losing the significance of either language or culture." (Douglas-Brown- 1994) (Buttjes, D. Teaching foreign language and culture: Social impact and political significance.

4) Note - where communicative competence in the language and culture occurs.

Students know both what to say and how to do it in a culturally appropriate manner.

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- how did it feel to act like Americans do at a football game? 2) Learning objectives: by behavior/statements demonstrate understanding of ones' feelings, values, opinions, attitudes, and act upon them.

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