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Help me with my issue Live chat with Bank of America by following these instructions.For better talking points and tips, be sure to tell us what kind of issue you are trying to message with Bank of America about. This is the best way to live chat with Bank of America because 420,030 customers have used it over the last 18 months to reach customer service and told us about it.While Bank of America does offer live chat as a way to get help, they also have a phone number.In total, there are 20 ways to get in touch with them. Please let us know so we can keep sharing the best possible information with other customers.America Chat provides chat rooms for everyone to meet new friends across United States.America Chat has rich services which is a great place to spend time on chatting with new friends who share your interests from all over America.

Tried the Facebook option and I got a response within 24 hours, including a phone call from a Bof A "social media specialist." Definitely the way to go in the future!

Bank of America has really gotten bad in this sense. On one hand, they want customers to stay out of the branches, on the other, they don't provide reasonable platforms to deal with customer service issues.

Bank of America has really gotten bad in this sense. I can just see the announcement coming: "In an effort to cut costs, Bank of America becomes the USA's first fully-automated bank with brick-and-mortar branches.

There is no chat online no matter what you pick as the topic.

So i'm looking for a more convenient bank, I do not have time to wait like this on hold for them.

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I need to speak with a rep I was charged an overdraft fee for the first time, and I was wondering if I could get i...