Alex fong and stephy tang dating

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Alex fong and stephy tang dating

I feel finding someone to love isn't easy, Mama rushed me before. I am very conflicted though, I want to have a child.

Said Stephy's rep, "Prince Chou and Stephy have been friends for many years.Stephy, who was raised by a single parent, has expressed her fear towards marriage and commitment in the past.Alex generously chatted with the reporters: But on the following day, Alex decided that it was finally his time to share his thoughts. In the interview, she hinted that she and Alex were in a cold stage in their relationship.My impression of Sum Yau is a great beauty, very energetic.I see that she really likes running, actually she is also very serious at work." In the story the bride Shirley Yeung Szeki ran away.

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Numerous outside speculations were abound about the reason behind their breakup, as they aimed right at marriage.

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