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Ajax preventing designer file from updating

Numeric First Last Now our Grid View is ready with data and I will explain how to use each paging option in our Grid View.

If you observe the code above I have set the Pager Setting property for the Grid View.

All my internet searches actually shows how to do this using background thread - it is the approach that needs to be taken in a proper programming context, however there are times when you just want to do something quick & dirty or you want to augment an existing app / port where you don't want to introduce new elements.

There are also considerations to be made when both UI and worker thread access the same data, especially with regard to data binding (see my post about collection change not supporting multi-threading out of the box).

Most of the techniques involve common sense once you have understood the underlying problem.

The trick is to call the Invoke method with Dispatcher Priority of Render or lower.Last Page Text This will display text on the last page Button. Next Page Text Next Page Text property is used for he next page Button.Previous Page Text Previous Page Text property is used for he next page Button.Since we don't want to do anything, I created an empty delegate. When the Dispatcher Priority is set to Render (or lower), the code will then execute all operations that are of that priority or higher. Content to something else, which will result in a render operation. Invoke, the code essentially asks the system to execute all operations that are Render or higher priority, thus the control will then render itself (drawing the new content).Afterwards, it will then execute the provided delegate (which is our empty method).

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This approach also coincides with how Windows UI operate, where you specify the region that needs to be redrawn and then you send a message to the message pump for that control to paint itself.

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