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There are already many Black American women involved with men directly from Africa, or who were raised in the U. In their defense not every child in Africa can afford to be educated and those especially in the villages have to work at an early age so education is a luxury.

Hence the reason why a lot of African Parent always stress education on their children.

They too understand the monthly Western Union visits to send our cousins’ school fees.

They sympathize with us the when our white co-workers ask if we speak “African”, or if we can teach them how to twerk.

However, now that I’m back living on the continent as a single girl, many of my interactions with African men have left me wondering if the love is mutual.

I’ve come to wonder if African men see us are as their cherished equals, their queens?

This reminded me of a male friend who doesn’t mind African women as long as they are light skinned. She holds a masters in International Affairs and Gender Studies from Georgetown University in DC.

Ethiopian women, he once told me he liked, because “Ethiopian women make the women from his country,” [beautiful women who I think look very much like myself] “look like animals.” Can you imagine? Between my girlfriends and I; we have had our fair share of less than pleasant interactions with African men.

African men that we in return speak so highly about; African men that we have loved all our lives, whom we were raised with, who raised us.

Well we been 2gether almost 2 years but we r moving very slow.

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This is a guest blog by Stephanie Kimou (pictured) who blogs at A Black Girl in the World *** Minna’s article last week on the reasons why she/we love African men, was pretty spot on right?

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