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Adult chat zone review

Going by the juiciness of the gossip, the Harvard years might beat out post-college Manhattan, years weighed down by grating jobs and undiagnosable writer’ s block, despite the levity and solace offered by his new friends.Maybe you’ ve heard of them: the artists Jane Freilicher and Larry Rivers, a trio of barely-known poets named James Schuyler, Kenneth Koch, and Frank O’ Hara.That virtue enriches the first chapters of The Songs We Know Best, on Ashbery’ s roots and childhood in upstate New York, divided between the family farm in Sodus and his grandparents’ house in Pultneyville.For all the golden-hour nostalgia and endearing antiques within Ashbery’ s poetry, his childhood played out over a room tone of sadness:a father’ s disregard, a younger brother’ s unmentionable death, a small town and small minds inhospitable to this gay, ambitious, spacey, irrepressibly odd boy.

” A precocious teenager, no doubt, though it’ s just as fair to say that Ashbery the twenty-something (even the eighty-something) was constitutionally adolescent: Ashbery grows into a voice that can turn gushily romantic or moodily evasive, self-amusing or parodic of any adult pretensions within earshot.

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Later, as the most overambitious undergraduate among many at Harvard, he made plans to “rip modern poetry wide open!

”; ever the ambitious reader, he cruised through Proust in one summer, then read it all again that fall.

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Names of boys you once knew and their sleds, Skyrockets are good—do they still exist?

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