34 dating 19 year old

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34 dating 19 year old

I haven't met any guy whose 21 and is actually mature. Don't let it hold u from finding someone that u could in the end be happy with. By that I mean have things in common, have a desire to make it work & have a strong desire to be together. when you are 55 he will be 40 and able to date women that are 30 or possibly younger. he will eventually leave you once you are no longer as attractive as you once were, and he will most likely take up with someone that is younger or near his own age. it was fun for a fling, but you knew it was not something that was going to lead to a lifelong partnership, and any woman that thinks a man is going to stay with her when he's 40 and she is mid 50s or more is really delusional.The way I would feel about it is if the older person in the relationship is closer to the parent's age than the partner's age, it would feel a bit creepy to me. Don't worry about him having kids, maybe he doesn't want any. dating much younger works better for men, and does not work out so well typically for women. the rarity of that working must be somewhere in the .999999 percentile.A person at 21 is in a different mind-frame then someone in their 30's... As we age, our experiences and growth change how we think and react to situations.

They have been married for 13 years and have an 11 year old daughter and you would never know the age difference.

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As an almost very young looking and acting 61 year old woman, I get a lot of much younger men's attention but the issue here is that we cannot escape the fact that we are older and that the younger man will still be a man who will go looking for greener pastures, sooner or later.....unless you want to babysit or sit in the corner in a rocking chair while he is painting the town red..for it!!! I prefer women along my age range for now and a female in her's 40's (hell to the NIIII--ZZZZZ oooooo! I met one..your typical young guy...he's actually a lot wiser then a lot of older guys I know and sometimes more logical then me...domesticated and independent..most of the cooking, cleans the dishes, likes kids..looks at them in awe more then me.. But, I mean, whatever makes my parents happy, I'm happy, as long as their S-O aren't younger than me...know me!

Janina You can always try to go slow and see where it leads. You can always still have kids with him or he can have a family with you and yours. So, in terms of being in different stages in life..again...he's the exception and probably more ready then most younger guys and even some older guys.. I hope things work out for you :)My dad's 41, he dated a 20 year old for about a year ( who I went to school with).... Then again, if I were to bring a 40 year old man to my father's for supper...father and uncle would be in jail, they would NOT approved.

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Life's about choices :)My gf is 9 years older than me. She has a 19 y/o who's a bit of a waste of space and it's starting to become really bothersome. Like so many women who date much younger men hoping for a long term relationship, you are totally and completely delusional. I know women who are doing this and who have been in relationships with younger guys for quite some time. I mean it's great to have fun with them but relationship wise not sure about that. He lied to me being 18, I assumed he was older but eventually he told me his age and had he not lied, things would have been different.

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