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2nd dating anniversary gifts for men

Price: .63 – , depending on size and color selected If your wife is passionate about photography, this adorable necklace is a great way for her to show her love of the camera.

The lens of the camera is formed by a large crystal, which captures the light beautifully. Price: .99 (38 percent off MSRP) Does she love wine almost as much as she loves you?

This funny wine glass is great gift for any wife who loves wine, dogs, or a good joke.

If you want to give her a companion gift, pick up a nice bottle of wine, or grab this handy wine chiller.

The machine can also cook stuffed pancakes, personal pizzas, or other comfort foods.

Other fun kitchen appliances that work as gifts include toasted sandwich makers, breakfast sandwich makers, or personal smoothie blenders.

Price: Our busy lifestyles mean that it can be hard to find the time to make a proper breakfast for yourself, or for the rest of the family.

This handy breakfast burrito maker can be used to make a healthy breakfast or lunch in minutes, without making a mess of the kitchen.

Some nail polishes or nail polish removers can damage nails over time, so this treatment is ideal for protecting and repairing dry, brittle nails.Price: .99 This moisturizing lotion leaves skin nourished and sparkling, with just a hint of delicate cherry blossom fragrance.The scent, created from cherry blossoms harvested in Provence, can also be found in shower gel, eau de toilette, and hand cream.You might also be interested in some of the all-natural products in our guide to the best nail polish removers.Price: These earrings aren’t made with precious gems, but they still have a lot of sparkle and shine.

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