13 stepping in aa dating

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13 stepping in aa dating

By the time May Clancy turned 15 years old, she was well on her way to drinking herself to death.A middle-school student from Potomac, Md., she had been through 11 different psychiatric and alcohol-rehab programs in two years.But in dozens of interviews with NEWSWEEK, recovering alcoholics and mental-health professionals describe a group that exerts an unusual amount of control and sometimes seems to put the social desires of some members above the recovery of others.See all of the in these slideshows Despite repeated requests for comment, no current Midtown members agreed to be interviewed on the record, citing AA's tradition of anonymity in the press and their belief that negative publicity scares on-the-fence alcoholics from getting the help they need.

AA doesn't expect members to ignore doctors' prescriptions.Now 29, she loved all the attention she got when she decided to sober up and join Midtown 11 years ago.A member of her family was an alcoholic, and Dougherty had sat in the back during AA meetings before.After a few months, the group's embrace of May began to feel like a chokehold.She says the sponsor assigned to give her moral support and help keep her sober pressured her to cut off ties to anyone outside the group.

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At first, May was thrilled to find a group of people who accepted her as she was.

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