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100 dating headlines

Students gathered at the Chinese High School and Chung Cheng High School for protests, and refused to soften their stand even after their parents’ persuasion.

On 26 October, police forced their ways into the schools and dispersed the students using tear gas.

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Protesting against long hours, poor benefits and working conditions, the workers of Singapore Bus Workers Union (SBWU) organised a peaceful demonstration on 23 April 1955.

By 1957, with the independence of Singapore becoming more imminent, the British proposed the transfer of Christmas Island to Australia.

Taking consideration of the losses in phosphate mining, Australia compensated the self-government of Singapore a total of 2.9 million pounds. This event contributed indirectly to the political downfall of Second Chief Minister of Singapore Lim Yew Hock (1914-1984), who was blamed by the public for his lack of effort in securing the sovereignty of Christmas Island.

The government had to impose curfews, but 36 people died in the violent events.

The kidnappers Robert Tang Keng Lock and Lim Kheng Tiong were caught three months later, and were sentenced to life with 10 strokes of cane.

Prison riots erupted at Pulau Senang caused deaths of four prison officers, including Daniel Stanley Dutton, the Superintendent in charged of the island.

Two policemen, a student and a reporter were killed in the conflicts.

Negotiation between the bus company owners and the union took place on 14 May before bus services were resumed two days later.

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